How do Sprinkler Systems Work?

Sprinkler systems have been around since the 19th century, when a building fire could easily be catastrophic. However, buildings have come a long way with modern design and safer building materials, as well as fire safety services like sprinklers and alarms. While a lot of modern buildings are constructed with fire-retardant materials, there is no doubt that they are all equipped with some kind of sprinkler system. In fact, current codes require sprinkler system installation in new buildings as well as renovations.

Heat, Not Smoke Activated

Contrary to popular belief, sprinkler systems are not activated by smoke: only smoke detectors and some fire alarms are smoke activated. Sprinkler systems are heat activated and some systems are designed to activate in sections. Water only flows in the part of your building that the heat is detected, not the entire building. This way, the sprinkler system does its job of protecting the building, and people, from a fire while minimizing water damage.

Notify First Responders

Since a fire can occur any time due to electrical shortages, or a spark from machinery in a warehouse, etc. There may or may not be anyone around to call 101 if it occurs after hours, or there may not be time due to the nature of the fire to call for help or evacuate properly. Some sprinkler systems are directly linked to a fire and safety service and  notifies first responders that there is an emergency at that location, ensuring a quick and potentially life-saving response time.

Sprinkler systems work best in tandem with a full range of fire and safety services, including fire alarms, smoke detectors, and the ability to notify emergency services. Especially if you have a building that is vacant for long periods, or if you have combustible or flammable equipment at your workplace, it’s wise to consider all aspects of a fire safety system.

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